Our Clients

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Development of a Knowledge Management Framework and System for collaborative management of the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, South Africa (2009 -2010)

Scenario planning for the Gauteng 2050 Human Settlements, Gauteng Province, South Africa (2009 – 2010)

Development of the 2030 Water Scenarios for Rand Water Company, South Africa (2010 -2011)

The South African, Western Cape Provincial Foresight for the Cooperation Framework on Innovation Systems between Finland and South Africa (COFISA). We were contracted to coordinate the provincial activities for the period 2007-2009

Sector Foresight planning. We were contracted to coordinate the COFISA Western Cape province Foresight activities in the Biotechnology and ICT sectors (2008 – 2009)

Use of Foresighting techniques to develop the Information Society Strategy for the Northern Cape Province INSPIRE Programme – Northern Cape Provincial Government, South Africa. (2009 -2010)

Feasibility study for the establishment of the Land and Water management computerized regional database for the Southern African Development Community (SADC). Project carried out in collaboration with Price Waterhouse Coopers (2006).

Online Learning and Knowledge Resource Facility. We developed an Online Learning and Knowledge Resource Facility for the Department of Water and Forestry (DWAF) , South Africa to facilitate the leveraging of experiential learning and quick access to departmental knowledge assets for DWAF staff and it’s stakeholders (2005)

Competition Commission of South Africa. We mapped out key concepts used in the analysis and investigation of competition cases for the Competition Commission of South Africa. The assignment was undertaken in order to guarantee quick and effective access to knowledge resources within the Commission’s database and documents (2008).

Department of Rural Development and Land Reform, 2014-2019 Strategy (2013)

City of Tshwane Integrated Rapid Public Transport Network (2013)


Eastern Cape Parks & Tourism Agency – A GIS based Knowledge Management Systems for the (2011)

Rand Water – 2030 Water Scenarios for South Africa (2012)

Strategy for Eastern Cape Information Technology Initiative (2009)

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Eastern Cape Industrial Development Zone – Foresight and Innovation Driven Strategy (2011)

Coega Development Corporation – Foresight Driven Strategy for CDC Durban